Sunday, March 8, 2009

manhole instructrions

Kevin Callahan
Manhole Rigging Instructions
Some manholes can be removed by hand, however for safety purposes larger manholes, should be supported by a rigging. The following is instructions for setting up these riggings.
WARNING: removing manholes can be extremely hazardous, extreme caution should be used, paying special attention to all pinch points.
Definition: Pinch Point- any area where the cover my “pinch” the operators
Note: Removing manholes should never be removed by only one worker, as it is a very dangerous job, and often another pair of hands is needed.
1. Impact Wrench 2. Appropriate Socket 3. Extension Cord
4. Tow Strap 5. Come-along 6. Eye Hook (If Available)

1. Plug in impact to extension, plug extension into outlet.
2. Attach come-a-long to eye hook by clipping the top hook of the come-along through the eye hook.
3. Run both ends of tow strap through some portion of the Cover (use strongest area). Example (through a welded handle). At this point the strap should be able to hold the cover if attached.
4. Attach both ends of the tow strap to the hook on the come-along (bottom hook).
5. Crank the lever on the come-along until strap is tight, leaving just enough lax so there is not pressure pulling the bolts up.
6. Remove bolts using impact wrench.
7. After removing last bolt hold with hands, making sure your fingers are not at any pinch points, and guide the cover down, by cranking the come-along.
8. Once the cover touches the ground carefully lean it on the side of the tank from which the cover was removed.
9. Finally crank the come-along until the rope is tightened, to hold the cover until it is ready to be replaced.

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