Sunday, February 22, 2009


How to Write a Memo
By: Pat Cassingham

Step 1. Determine who you are writing this memo to.
• Do this to determine your audience’s priorities and the tone that should be used.
Step 2. Start the memo with the Heading Segment.
• The heading segment should include to whom the memo is written, who has written the memo, the date the memo was written, and what the subject of the memo is. The first line of the heading should read "To:" then state the recipient. The next line, "From:" states your full name. The third line, "Date:" should contain the date that the memo was written. The final line of the heading, "Subject:" should state what the memo is about, and should be highlighted in some way.
Step 3. Write the Opening Statement next.
• State the purpose of the memo and identify the exact reason for writing the memo to make it clear to the reader.
Step 4. Write the Summary Segment.
• This segment should provide a brief statement of important suggestions. This will help the reader quickly understand the key points of the memo.
Step 5. Write the Discussion Segment.
• In this segment, include all of the details that support your ideas and recommendations for solving the problem. You can also discuss future problems and how they will not occur because of your recommendations.
Step 6. Write the closing Statement.
• Close the memo with a friendly ending that states what actions you want the reader to take.

Warning: Make sure to spell check the memo before sending it out and make sure the memo has a neat professional appearance to it.

Press Article

Upper Peninsula News

Marquette. On Tuesday, February 10th Northern Construction announced its plans to begin a new housing development located near Marquette Mountain. I went and interviewed Chris Johnson who is in charge of managing the new development to learn more about it.

I met up with Chris on the East side of Marquette Mountain where the new development is to be located. I was surprised to see that work had already begun at the site. Chris told me, “In order to be able to be building houses here in the spring the land must first be cleared.” As we walked around the site he explained to me how the development is going to be set up. “This is a ten acre tract that we are clearing for the development, and there will be up to twenty houses built on it.” He went on to say, “There are five basic home designs to choose from or one may choose to work with Northern’s contractors to come up with a design of their own.”

Those interested in building a house on the new development are encouraged to contact Chris Johnson at 906-226-2850 or visit Northern Construction’s website at

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

For Immediate Release

Northern Construction

116 N. 6th


Group 3

Northern Construction Announces New Housing Development in Marquette Area

Marquette (February 4, 2009) - Northern Construction, Marquette’s foremost builder of high quality homes announced plans to open a new housing development today. This 10 acre tract of land will have up to 20 housing units and will be located near beautiful Marquette Mountain. Housing plots will range in size from half an acre up to 2 acres. There are five different basic designs for homes or one may choose to submit a design of their own, or work with Northern Construction’s contractors to design your own home.

The beautiful city of Marquette, located on magnificent Lake Superior, and with the opportunity to be involved in the design of one’s home gives one many customizable options which can help to make one’s home unique and suited to their liking. Marquette is a great place to live or raise a family with numerous opportunities for physical activities such as hiking trails, activities on the lake and skiing.

When the snow starts flying, one can stay warm and dry in our state of the art homes, with options such as fireplaces, and saunas our homes are a great place to try in wait out the long Upper Peninsula winters.

Northern Construction has been Marquette’s foremost builder of quality homes for the past 20 years. We are a name that can be trusted. This new housing development will be leading the pack with eco friendly designs and materials.

For more information please visit us at